THE Andy Potts

Andy Potts

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Q&A with @Andy_Potts.  Andy is one of the top elite triathletes in the world. He has won Ironman distances, 70.3 Ironman distances, countless triathlons, and is an Olympian. He is an extremely talented swimmer who is often the first out of the water. It was pretty awesome hearing him speak. The mind and heart of a successful competitive athlete is incredible. Such amazing power and drive.

How I wish that I had an ounce of his talent. When I push myself to the limits, it’s nothing compared to what he does.  Andy comes off as a really nice guy, but he did say that when he races, he gets mean. He sees the guy in front of him as someone who is stealing dinner off his kids’ table. I cannot relate at all to this at all. My head is more in the, “God I hope I finish this race and don’t die,” or “I really hope I’m not last.”

Racing has changed for me though since I started *gulp* 13 years ago. I always participated with the the thought of racing to finish, never really thinking about my time or place compared to anyone else. I have finally graduated into becoming an age grouper. I race against the other 35-39 year old females in hopes of placing somewhere in the top 10%.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking like an elite athlete? Start knocking off my competition by imagining they are stealing my vacation fund or home improvement stash. I’ll report back after the next race. As long as I’m still having fun, I’m in.

Regardless, thank you Andy Potts. I am #inspired.