Training – Mar 7th-13th

Training really begins on the weekends for me, so logging my workouts Sat-Friday is a better way to track things. This week was a little different, as I had a race on Saturday, and I did the Crossfit Open WOD 15.2 on Sunday.

Saturday consisted of a reverse triathlon:

5k Run: 26:55
15k Bike: 29:22
150m Swim: 3:51

Total time w/ transitions: 1:03:36

AG place: 4th
Gender place: 14th
Overall place: 110th

After five years of doing this event, I was super stoked because this was my best time so far. Even though I got 3rd in my age group last year, I managed to shave 30 seconds off of my overall time, and jumped 5 places in gender and 20 overall.

With sore hamstrings, I headed down to crossfit on Sunday to log the Open workout, 15.2, which consisted of:

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:
From 0:00-3:00
   2 rounds of:
   10 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)
   10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
From 3:00-6:00
   2 rounds of:
   12 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)
   12 chest-to-bar pull-ups
From 6:00-9:00
   2 rounds of:
   14 overhead squats (95 / 65 lb.)
   14 chest-to-bar pull-ups
Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds

I didn’t make it beyond the first round. I was close…5 reps away from the next three minutes, but just couldn’t pull through. Whether that was because I was sore from the day before, or I just didn’t have it, it was not in the cards for me to continue. So I logged a 3 minute workout and took the rest of the day to relax and recover.

Monday morning is usually a rest/recovery day, but I got up and walked on the beach with a friend for 4 miles. I also bike commuted to and from work–6 miles to, 4 miles home on my single speed.

Tuesday was crossfit training with my coach. I have another competition next month, and we practiced one of the WODs:

4 Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
10 calorie row
80 ft Sandbag Carry (100#)
10 wall balls (14#)
80 ft Sandbag Carry (100#)

I skipped my evening bike sprints due to impromptu hang out plans with friends.

Wednesday I trained crossfit and worked on my split jerk. We ended up doing a team WOD, and our team (the girls) finished first. In the evening I ran 800m sprints x 4 with 4 minute walk rests in between.

Thursday I took bootcamp class at the gym which consisted of a 15-10-5 workout of Man-makers, pull-ups, lunges with OH 25# weights, and leg raise/hip thrusters.

Friday I swam 200m sprints x 10 at Equinox. I also rode my road bike to work–4 miles there, 4 miles home. This was to make up for the bike sprints I skipped on Tuesday as well as to avoid traffic with Obama in town.

I’ve got a lot going on this weekend. 15.3, swims, working the LA Marathon via bicycle, and it’s my birthday.

Overall, I feel pretty exhausted due to the time change. For some reason I’m extra sore as well. Hoping both of those subside by next week.