Pasadena Triathlon Race Report

After a three month racing hiatus, the Pasadena Triathlon kicked off racing in 2015 for me this past weekend. It’s one of my favorite races of the year, and I’ve participated in it since 2010. I love this reverse triathlon for its organization, course, and fun-factor. It always lands on or near my birthday too, so I consider it the start of the birthday celebration. In past years, I’ve invited friends and family to join, as it is a great first-timer race.

Last year was the first year I placed in the the top 3 in my age group, so the pressure was on to hang on to that slot this year. I ended up coming in 4th place in my AG, but I’m ok with that because I hardly put any training in, and I did improve by 25 seconds overall. Every second certainly does count.

This year we stayed up in Pasadena Friday night, so we didn’t have to wake up as early to head to the race. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep very well, so I may as well have slept in my own bed. Ah well, who sleeps the night before a race anyway?

My niece and nephew participated in a relay this year with my dad, and they convinced me to seed myself in the first group, the “under 1 hour” racers. Though I wasn’t expecting to break an hour, it was a good choice because I was able to keep up at the back of the pack, and I pushed myself more than I would have expected to had I been in the next group. I went pretty hard on the run, but just couldn’t maintain an 8-minute mile pace as I had wanted to. The run course is slightly uphill for the first half, then turns downhill, with a one bump in the road. I guess I wasn’t expecting how much that first half would break me down. But I was happy with my performance as I did PR my 5k at 26:55. If I’m going try to place in the future, I definitely have to shave time off of that run, as my bike and swim hold up to the other top competitors.

I was so happy for the niece and nephew too, who have cheered me on in past years, and were able to participate this year. This was their first triathlon, and I think they were inspired to do it again. I’d love to see them get excited about racing, as I did not have that enthusiasm for any type of sport when I was their age, and I know they could learn a lot from it. All in all, a fantastic race and a fantastic day!